125KHZ RFID Card Access Control System Intercom Device Machine Electronic Door Lock Smart Garage Gate Opener Electric Digital


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: XM-F007B
  • Certification: NONE
  • Smart home platform: NONE
  • User capacity: 1000
  • Card type: 125KHZ
  • Reading distance: 1-5CM
  • Door opening mode: Card or Password or Card Password
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Current: <100MA
Product Features

High quality and high security

Sensitive for quick response

Supports 1000 standard users

Supports card password, card plus password & password plus card.

Can add card number and delete card number as needed.

Classical design with useful function.

Professional design is great for home and office. Includes user manuals for home and office use


Product Specifications
UWorking voltage: DC 12 V

Unlock current: <1000 mA

Static current: <60 mA

Card read distance: 0-5 cm

RF type: 125KHZ EM card

Working temperature: -10 ~ 70℃

Working humidity: 10% to 90%

3-option door opening procedure (admin user selectable): Card (key tag) & password / Card (key tag) only / Password only

Three Unlocking Methods

RFID Card or Password or RFID Card+Password

High -quality PVC material

Use high -quality fireproof PVC casting, resistance to
abrasion resistance, keys are sensitive.

Two user management models,adjust the switch more convenient management.

Step 1: Power off, dial the S1 switch to the 1 -end, re -power the power, the green light flashes after three long sounds, and the programming password restores the factory value.

Step 2: Power off, dial the S2 switch to the 2 -end, and finally re -power the power. The programming password is initialized and the management card is added. (Programming password 3 ~ 6 digits)

Function introduction

1.Indicator light

2.Digital/setting area:

0-9 numbers, use the“#" as the settings key when setting the password or pressing the door to open the door, use it to set the card or password function.

3.Doorbell button:

Can external doorbell

4.RFID card induction area

Wiring Diagram

Please note the power supply, electric locks, exit button
is not included in the package, need to buy extra.

                                    ACCESS CONTROL MACHINE PROGRAMMING

Programming Instructions

*The program value of the programming password is: 123456 All passwords can be 3 ~ 6 digits.

1. Modify the programming password

Press#Programming password#0 New password (3 to 6 digits)#Repeat new password#

Explanation: If you forget the programming password, you can solve it by initialization (please refer to the seventh step of the programming password settings).

When entering the error, press the "Doorbell" key to exit and re -enter.

2. Add user card

1. Swipe card: Press# Programming password# 1 The card to be added#

Note: 1 If you need to add multiple user cards, swipe your card continuously.

2 The user card number automatically generated when adding a user card consists of 4 digits, starting from 0001. For details, see 5. User number description.

2. Enter the card number: Press the#programming password#23 Manual input card number#(The card number is 10 digits on the left on the card or 8 digits on the right, the machine automatically recognizes).

3. Increase public passwords and personal passwords

1. Public password: Press#Programming Password#21 New Password (3 to 6 digits)#(the factory value is empty)

Note: The public password does not occupy the user number. If you need to modify, repeat the operation.

2. Personal password: Press#Programming Password#22 New Password#Password Opening: Press "Password" and press "#" to open the door.

Note: The personal password cannot be modified, and it can only be deleted and re -increased. For details, please refer to 5. User number description.

125KHZ RFID Card Access Control System Intercom Device Machine Electronic Door Lock Smart Garage Gate Opener Electric Digital

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