Our ICT maintenance and support services at your call anytime, one-time or contract at whatever level and however firm, we endeavor to ensure your smooth business operations. More and more businesses are relying on quick and stress-free ICT functions to stay competitive in today’s highly digitalized world and to ensure customer satisfaction through prompt and quality/automated customer services. Thus, whether your requirement is for assistance with your internal ICT support or for a comprehensive, fully managed outsourced ICT function, we at RAJABGI SERVICES can offer the exact package to meet your individual needs. Listed below are some of the common ICT support activities:

  • Troubleshoot and restore network connectivity
  • Fine-tune network performance
  • Service servers, desktops, notebooks, printers and other peripheral equipment
  • Optimize hardware and software performance
  • Update system and software patches
  • Clean up malware from computers
  • Defragment hard disk
  • Software solutions’
  • CCTV
  • Intercom
  • Windows performance validation services

Rajabgi services packages cater for all sizes and sectors of businesses and associated budgets and usually based on a flexible yearly contract payment plan. These also include a comprehensive and bespoke Service Level Agreement that is developed in close association with the customer’s needs and criteria.

Packages consist of varying levels of the following features:

  • Network management
  • Servers, desk tops, laptops, printers and other peripheral equipment
  • Active service monitoring
  • Help desk
  • Remote and on-site support
  • System health checks

Some businesses however, may not want to commit to an ICT support contract but would rather deal with their issues as and when they occur. Rajabgi services package is also developed for such clients. Through this method you still get the outstanding level of support with the same high standard of expertise and within the crucial response times. Our Resource/Technical Personals are all graduates in computer related fields and had several certifications.